9 easy steps to pitching an inflatable tent

Ever wondered how to go about putting an inflatable tent up? Wonder no more – just follow our easy guide.

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1. Read the instructions Some manufacturers have detailed instructions on their websites and even a video to guide you through the pitching process.

2. Lay the tent out flat. Unfold the tent, find the door, and place it where you want it. Lay it out flat and peg down the corners.

3. Find the valves. Different brands will have the valves in different places on the tent. Some have a single valve, others have one for each beam.

4 Attach the pump. Depending on your model, the fitting will either screw in, click in or push into the valve.

5. Start inflating. Make sure you don’t pump too much air into the beam – ideally use a pump with a pressure gauge and don’t exceed the manufacturer’s recommended pressure level.

6. Push the beams into shape. If it’s a bit breezy you might need a helping hand here – especially if you’ve got a large or heavy tent.

7. Peg out. You might after all that pumping! Of course we really mean you need to peg out the groundsheet and the side walls, checking for creases as you go along. Insert any poles for canopies etc

8. Peg out the guylines. Unravel the guyropes and peg them loosely round the tent before tightening them up.

9. Relax! Fifteen minutes later and you’ve done it. Well done.

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